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My name is Bob and I make (at least my friends and I think I do) a solid quality vape product for a pretty good price. I use top-notch, high-THC distillate and terpenes – that’s it. No funny business. My friends and I deliver this tasty goodness in quality hardware that has passed the most stringent testing for heavy metals. Safety matters.

Varieties are damned close to their strain profiles and can put you on your ass, if you’re not careful


We spend money where it matters - the ingredients and the hardware. Cartridges pass heavy metals testing. #flyingcolours


We test everything that goes into a cartridge. All two of them - the potent distillate and naturally sourced terpenes.


We do our damned best to not waste your money. We focus on purity, quality and price. Not fancy-ass packaging.

Vitamin E acetate is bad

You have, no doubt, witnessed the recent media hysteria about vape safety. 

Now that the bullshit has settled, the Centre for Disease control is pointing the finger at vitamin E acetate. That’s what the douchebags making shitty, cheap black market vapes were cutting their product with to make more money.



So, yeah. My products don’t contain any of that garbage. 

Plus we test every batch of naturally sourced terpenes BEFORE we add them to our distillate. Not that we don’t trust our supplier, but you just can’t be too careful when it comes to your health. Or my reputation.


So, I like to give stuff away every now and again.
Like the 7 pairs of my pen kits last month and the 10 disposables this month. Watch this space for details.
Better yet, don’t be such a whiner and just start following me @nice.bobs

Other, just as interesting thingies

I’m always on the hunt for fun ways to pass the time. Also, for fun ways for YOU to pass the time.
Like bringing you a bad-ass disposable vape, just in time for Christmas. You’ll love my little brother, Charles.
He’s here for a good time, not a long time. Check the retailers below and order your stocking-stuffer (or New Year’s date) soon.

Holy shit

Chuck is here

Get it? Disposable? Chuck? Chuck is a little 350mAh disposable loaded with our Skit Tells mix. About the size of a bic lighter - only about a million times cooler, thanks to a carbon-fiberish shell.



That's totally a word. Don't even. I've tried my best to give you as wide a variety as I can with these first cartridges. Make friends with Bob's Widow, Clem Entine, Blu Berri, Pin Diesel, Water Melon, Blue Dream and Jill Ahto. Put them on your A-list.

Hello hipster

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For important things like Spotify Premium, Uber rides to your fave artisan coffee shop and vegan, free-range, hand-crafted bespoke delights.

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Now accepting retailers

I’m looking for Canadian online dispensaries who put customers first. 

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